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As part of our sales process, the technical team from EMS Ltd will visit your property site to conduct a survey to allow for the best recommendation to be made on what A/C Unit or Solar product will best suit the customer’s needs.
This survey process also allows the technicians to identify the installation needs of the project ahead of time creating a more seamless installation process when that time comes. Having this survey also allows the sales team to appropriately quote the project inclusive of installation materials and labour costs leaving no surprises for our customers.

AC Installations

How much does a survey cost?

Air conditioning surveys are complementary.

How long does an AC installation take?

This depends on if electrical connections already exist in the space. Installation of the 12K to 36K units will take about 3 hours once all connections are already in place. Large units may take about one day to install. The time to instal package units such as VRF would be based on the overall needs of the project.

Do I need a separate electrician?

No. The EMS electrical team can provide the electrical wiring and installation if need?

Water Heater Solar Installations

How much does the survey cost?

Water heater surveys cost $150.

How long will an installation take?

Answer to be provided