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SEER Rating

SEER Rating

When efficiency is your priority, it pays to know the numbers.

What is SEER Rating & Why Do I Need to Know it?

If you’re in the market for a new air-conditioning system, you’re probably concerned about energy efficiency. Cooling (and heating) generally accounts for almost half of a home’s annual energy use. Therefore, the more money spent up front to get energy efficient equipment, the more money that will be saved monthly on electricity bills.

But how do you know what is and isn’t considered energy efficient? When you understand the terms, it’s easier to understand, and easier to compare different equipment to make sure you’re getting the most efficient bang for your buck.

When comparing air conditioners the most popular energy rating is the equipment’s SEER

What is SEER Rating?

The cooling efficiency rating for air conditioners is Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER. SEER is like Miles Per Gallon in an automobile, in that it’s a measure of how much you get out of the air conditioner, versus how much you have to put into it.

Another way to think of SEER is, it is a measure of how much cool air an air conditioner can create over a period of time versus the amount of electricity it will take to do so.

The higher the SEER, the better the energy performance, and the more you save. If you want an air conditioner cools with high efficiency, look for a SEER rating of 16 or higher. An air conditioner of at least 16 SEER will produce substantial savings during the warmer month compared to older equipment.

The Efficiency of Our Units

Exacting precision makes Lennox air conditioners among the quietest and most energy-efficient units you can buy. With industry-leading efficiencies SEER ratings of up to 28.00 Lennox air conditioners can also save you hundreds of dollars in utility costs every year.

The efficiency of your system can vary based on the size of your home, your current ductwork and other variables. However, getting an air conditioning system with a higher SEER does mean you’ll be more comfortable in even when you live in a hot region.