PO Box 40 Canefield
Commonwealth of Dominica

Clyde Edwards – Homeowner

My name is Clyde Edwards and I live in the area of Sylvania. I recently purchased a solar water heater from EMS Ltd and the results have been fantastic. The installation was completed sometime in the afternoon, so with just a few hours of sunlight, I expected the water to be warm at most that evening. To my surprise the water was very hot. Since then the water has been steaming even on days with little sunlight. Now I have a continuous supply of hot water and a noticeable reduction in my electricity bill.! ! I decided to use EMS mainly because of the ongoing promotion on Q95 and the confidence with which staff spoke about the product. They really sell the product. The response to my inquiry was prompt, the sales rep was professional and worked quickly. The financing arrangements are flexible and easily arranged. An outright great package.