PO Box 40 Canefield
Commonwealth of Dominica

Jasmine Hamilton – Commercial Coordinator

Dominica Brewery & Beverages Ltd. is the local manufacturer and bottler of various beverages such as Kubuli Beer, Lousier Water, Shandy, Guiness, Vita and Kairi Malt, Ginseng.

Electricity consumption is a very significant and is one of the company’s biggest cost. In seeking to reduce cost, energy efficient sources were sought; hence, the engagement of EMS in providing LED lights which are known to cut consumption significantly. These lights have also greatly improved the lighting in areas installed.

An inverter air conditioning unit was also recently installed, and is working to satisfaction.

The sales representative was very efficient, cordial, and responded to requests in a very timely manner. The technicians were also very efficient, and knowledgeable. The installations were completed in a very timely and organized manner.

Thank you EMS and Mr. Goring! Job well done!