PO Box 40 Canefield
Commonwealth of Dominica

Peter Lemerle

I heard about EMS and their work with solar PV panels in May last year from some friends. After very relaxed, friendly but informative discussions with EMS engineers last June, I decided to go ahead with a grid-tied solar panel installation provided EMS guaranteed it would be up and running with all the paperwork and permits in order before our trip back to Europe four weeks later.! EMS undertook to respect the deadline, and installation began a few days later. Everything was finished on schedule, including the generation permit and my contract with Domlec.! EMS worked quickly, cleanly and caused a minimum of inconvenience. They were always on hand to answer questions, and listen to our concerns about appearance.! Ten months on, taking into account both the savings from covering our day time needs with the panels, and the sale of the excess power to Domlec, our bills are down by over two thirds, meaning we’re on course for covering the cost of the installation in about four years.! I have no hesitation in recommending EMS. Their staff explain the system and the cost and savings very clearly, they stick to their timetable, and they work tidily. The system is reliable and work as EMS promise. The cost and savings projections have so far proved accurate.