PO Box 40 Canefield
Commonwealth of Dominica

Rosamund Rolle – Lecturer, Dominica State College

I am Rosamund Rolle a lecturer at the Dominica State College. I purchased a 50 gallion solar water heater in January 2016. I purchased the unit for my residence. I enjoy hot water all over my house. Kitchen, Bathrooms and laundry.

Because I do not reside there permanently, I cannot speak to the reduction in electricity but I would like to attest to the professionalism and excellent customer service provided during the installation period.

I was pleased with the manner in which Mr.Goring and the plumber accommodated me in arranging for the installation even during my absence. And when I needed to rectify a situation, the flexibility and understanding of Mr. Goring in providing after sale service at my convenience.

I was delighted with his regular updates during the period. And once the installation was completed. Mr. Goring called at least twice to ensure that everything was working as promised.