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Reintroducing EMS Ltd (Energy Management Solutions Ltd)

EMS Ltd is an energy, engineering and consultancy company specializing in products which reduce your energy consumption, such as Solar Water Heaters, Solar PV Systems, and AC Units by Lennox.

EMS Ltd has evolved from a provider of solar power to an all-encompassing sustainable energy management solutions company. We work with several companies, architects, engineers, and homeowners to develop processes to reduce high energy usage.

As an Environmental Energy Consultancy, we provide a wide range of services including advice on passive cooling and lighting, energy usage recommendations, and renewable energy options.

EMS Ltd should be your first choice when considering the purchase of an AC Unit or a Solar Water Heater.

Lennox® Brand Air Conditioning Units
EMS Ltd is the Authorized Distributor of Lennox brand Air Conditioners. Lennox is a market leader, providing superior climate control products for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Lennox AC units are certified Energy Star for efficiency. The compressor can run at capacity from about 30% to 40%, to precisely meet cooling demand. It will run at the lowest capacity to do the job. The lower the capacity, the quieter it runs.

These units come in a variety of sizes to suit customers’ needs and applications for both residential and commercial.

We also now offer Lennox VRF (variable refrigerant flow) units. Look out for another blog entry telling you why you should choose Lennox VRF.

EMS Solar Water Heaters

The EMS Solar Water Heater is a reliable solution to your hot water needs. You can take your time and relax in the shower, knowing that you will not have a high electrical bill, waiting when you are done. The system is certified and has been approved by the relevant testing standards.

Our units come in three (3) sizes: 50, 60, and 80 gallons. Our qualified team provides recommendations to customers based on the application and number of persons using the unit.


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