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Solar PV

Solar PV

Save on your electricity bill with a Solar PV System from EMS Ltd.

A Solar System is a very cost-effective option for both Residential and Commercial properties. The use of Solar PV panels is one of the ways to save on your electricity bill as the panels generate electricity by converting energy from the sun (even when it is overcast).

At EMS, we offer solar energy systems either connected to the grid by using a “Grid Tie Inverter”, or a solar energy system independent of the grid which will use a “Stand Alone Inverter”, along with the use of energy storage batteries.

How much power and what are the savings?

The output of a solar PV system depends on its size. The most common systems are 1.5 kilowatt which generates 5.5 kilowatt hours on an average daily basis and 3 kilowatt which generates 11 kilowatt hours on an average daily basis.

A typical house consumes around 15 kilowatt hours per day so a 1.5-to-3-kilowatt system may displace 35-70% of your average electricity bill. A solar module should last for 20-30 years with inverters lasting up to 10 years.

The system should be fitted on the roof in a northerly direction at an angle to maximize exposure to the sun.